Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding and targeting your market audience is vital to your business

Ensuring your business stays on top and ahead of the game is vital for any business. Search Engine Marketing can give your business a boost online and create new sales. We research your business target audience and relevant keywords, then apply this into SEO, which can then be applied to your website to keep your website visitors interested and generating new business.

Your website would be non-existant without being optimised fully for Search Engines. That is why we ensure all the necessary Search Engine Optimisation is carried out on your website to ensure it has the best possible chance of being indexed and found by site visitors.

SEO can be a continuous part of your website success, which is why we provide an SEO service that gives you the best opportunity in keeping your website successful and ranked high in Search Engines.

We always use ‘White Hat’ SEO methods, which means we never use any method that could cause long term damage to your website and your business in search engines.

How we do it

We research keywords and search terms for relevancy, and the quantity/quality of traffic they can potentially generate. These are then added into your website content, carefully ensuring no two pages are the same. Also we consider the way a page is written. Content written around specific keyword search terms to a page on your website can ensure your websites success. Well written content provides a better experience for your website visitors and serves the purpose of giving information to search engine crawlers.

The following information gives you ‘some’ of the items we use in the content of your website to ensure it has the best chance of success in search results.

Title tags

Your title tag is a html element that describes the content of your page. Search engine crawlers use the title tag to evaluate page relevance to search terms an when they index a page. Your title tag can contain keyword search terms up to 65 characters, however best practice is to keep it under 55 characters. We research the best quality keywords for your website and apply them to the Title Tag in a format that Search Engines understand long-tail keyword search term format.

Alt image tags

Alt Text is a HTML element that is inserted into an image as an attribute to tell search engines and site viewers the nature of the content of the image. Alt text can appear as a blank box before an image loads, and in the area that would normally contain an image. In most eventualities Alt Text isn’t seen by the viewer, but search engine spiders can use Alt Text to build a profile of the page. We use Alt Text to apply relevant keywords into your website images, which in turn gives search engine crawlers richer information on your business, products or services and gives your website a higher chance of being placed in the correct searches.

Meta descriptions

Meta Descriptions provide a description of your web page to search engines. Meta Descriptions play a significant role in SEO rankings, so using a keyword search term in a Meta Description that matches the page content will almost certainly be a benefit to your website. The length of a Meta Description can be up to 160 characters.

Meta keywords

Meta Keywords give information to search engines on the topic of your webpage. The Meta Keywords tag should not contain more than 8 relevant keyword search terms per page. Most of the more widely known search engines such as Google and Yahoo no longer read the Meta Keywords tag, however smaller search engines such as ASR (Active Search Results) use the Meta Keywords tag, and in turn this information gets passed indirectly back to larger search engines.

Anchor text

Anchor text is visible when a site visitor puts their mouse pointer over hyperlink text. Search engines use Anchor Text when ranking a webpage in search results, so this can be a relevant keyword search term that has relevance to the hyperlink or page content.


Your site map contains a list of pages in your website. This is accessible by search engine crawlers who use sitemaps to index your site better in search results. Your sitemap is usually an XML file that is updated regularly in order to ensure search crawlers are up to date.

Robots exclusion protocol

Robots text informs web robots which areas of a website should be crawled and processed and which should not. This ensures that Search Crawlers are only indexing the content on your website that you want your users to find in search results.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

When we optimise your website, we also add your site to Google Analytics, which is a free service provided by Google that allows you to track your website traffic. It is also the most widely used analytics service on the Internet. We also add your website to Google Search Console, which is another free service provided by Google. Google Search Console allows us to check your websites indexing status and website visibility in search results.

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We supply a number of WebSite Design services, including Wordpress Website Design, Zen Cart Ecommerce Website Design, and Brochure style html responsive websites. Our web design services are backed up with a solid and secure Web Hosting environment which we offer to all customers as an alternative to their current solution. If you decide to switch, any new website build we undertake offers free web hosting for the first year.

If you are looking for something specific then why not contact us on or call 01472350565 and we will be happy to help.

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