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A professionally designed shopping cart for taking online payments

If you trade online then you know that getting your business correct and in front of your customers requires time and effort. We build all our ecommerce websites to ensure you can do this with ease. We provide a service to not only build your shopping cart, but also support you. Our shopping carts come with a fully functional backend, and we are able to build in expansion where necessary so your shopping cart is bespoke to your business.

We are professionals at building Ecommerce websites using the excellent and highly expandable Zen Cart Ecommerce platform.

Zen Cart is a popular Ecommerce Tool for your website and is highly expandable with many free and commercial modules available for the platform.

We have developed our own professional template system and fileset which is easy to install and will get you up and running quickly.

Our ecommerce websites are search engine friendly and we include many modules to help boost your sites page rank and exposure throughout all search engines. Ensuring that from day 1 of your ecommerce website going live, you have all the tools to draw in new customers on a regular basis.

When we build an ecommerce website we also prepare our servers for your website. Security is something we take very seriously which is why we install SSL/TLS as part of your Ecommerce website build as standard. We don’t believe taking chances is an option with website security and in particular with ecommerce. This ensures that your customers are safe when processing payments through your site.

And in todays mobile world we ensure your website is mobile friendly as a part of any Ecommerce Website build.

We are Zen Cart Specialists

Zen Cart started life in 2003 when a bunch of developers decided to take the code for OS Commerce and change things a little. Since 2003 it has undergone some rapid changes and development and is going from strength to strength with the development roadmap.

Zen Cart is open source shopping cart software and like WordPress, is free to download. But make no mistake, Zen Cart is something special as far as ecommerce is concerned and just because it’s free to download doesn’t mean that it hasn’t got the tools to do the job. In fact, it’s got more than enough tools and lots of backup to go with it.

Backup and support comes in the form of a forum where problems can be discussed and resolved, and customizations can be discussed. There’s a vast array of modules which work similar to WordPress plugins, the difference being that they have to be manually installed. So with all of this in mind it makes Zen Cart highly expandable.

It also ranks well in search engines allowing sales to be made very easily with some good quality search engine work, back links, and rss product feeds which can be submitted to various websites around the world that accept rss feeds. This includes Google who have a shopping search engine.

And that’s why we like to use it. We believe its one of the most advanced shopping cart systems around and does the job very well, and we have some highly skilled Zen Cart developers to thank for that through the Zen Cart team.

If you’re interested in how we can help install, design, customize and make your Zen Cart system fly, either as a stand alone shopping cart, or as a combined WordPress/Zen Cart install, call us on 01472 350565 or email sales@ventureonlineuk.co.uk for more information.

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We supply a number of WebSite Design services, including Wordpress Website Design, Zen Cart Ecommerce Website Design, and Brochure style html responsive websites. Our web design services are backed up with a solid and secure Web Hosting environment which we offer to all customers as an alternative to their current solution. If you decide to switch, any new website build we undertake offers free web hosting for the first year.

If you are looking for something specific then why not contact us on sales@ventureonlineuk.co.uk or call 01472350565 and we will be happy to help.

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